About us


Shine Supply is a division of Stevens Detailing, Incorporated, a full-service detailing company headquartered in Ventura, California. Founded in 1996 by Jeremy Stevens, Stevens Detailing is widely considered a premier detailing service run by an expert in vehicle paint restoration and maintenance.

A deep passion for creating “shine” is the fuel that propels Stevens Detailing. Achieving results that are superior in every possible way is the sole focus and exactly why the company has improved and developed into a respected detailing company. After 12 years in the automotive detailing business, Jeremy decided to grow his company and create Shine Supply using the same professional methods he has always known and developed. All our products have been developed from over 20 years of trusted detailing experience. We work with the industries lead companies to provide the absolute best blends you will find. Our raw materials are selected with quality in mind rather than profit. We believe if you make quality products the rest will take care of itself.

Every product is used daily at Stevens Detailing. Everything we sell, we use. Shine Supply is considered a trusted source to work with when it comes to automotive detailing, products and training.

At Shine Supply quality, integrity and customer service are more than just words, they are mandates we live by.


Shine Supply Benelux is a specialized and service-oriented detailing company. We are professionals in cosmetically renovating and protecting your vehicle, both interior and exterior. We are also specialized in polishing, paint corrections and the application of coatings and wax on your vehicle.

Visit Aventurijn 234 in Dordrecht or schedule an appointment via our contact page.