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Carpet Cleaner is the ultimate carpet and upholstery cleanser. It’s natural citrus solvent make cleaning your carpet, floor mats, and upholstery a breeze. Unlike other carpet cleansers and all-purpose cleaners, our Carpet Cleaner doesn’t leave behind any residue or chemical like odors. Your interior will be plush, rejuvenated, and smell refreshing.


Concentrated formula makes a minimum (2) spray bottles full of ready-to-use product!


Kit Includes:

  • (1) Carpet Cleaner – 16 oz.
  • (1) Shine Supply spray bottle – 32 oz.


note: no brushes included


Product Highlights:

  • Concentrated formula makes a minimum of (2) spray bottles full of ready-to-use product!
  • Powerful citrus based fabric cleaner.
  • Designed with low foaming aspects to ensure safe cleaning when using with a carpet extractor.
  • Brightens fabric.
  • Leaves behind zero residue that can cause re-soiling.
  • Citrus based for strong, effective cleaning.
  • Concentrated formula makes 5 gallons of cleaner.
  • Compatible with carpet extractors.
  • Works awesome on carpet stains at home also!



  • Shine Supply bottle displays easy to read dilution marks
  • Fill with product to the desired dilution mark and then fill with water to the 32 oz mark on the neck of the spray bottle.
  • Dilute 4:1 with water for general light/medium duty cleaning.
  • Dilute 3:1 with water for heavy duty cleaning.
  • Spray directly on area to be cleaned, scrub with our Multi-purpose brush, allow product to activate for 3-5 minutes and then towel up using a microfiber towel.