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If you’re working on your car and you need an effective product to remove defects in your paint or you’re a professional and you are wanting an effective compound that you can trust to give you REAL results… Than you will ABSOLUTELY need Classic Cut.

Classic Cut will help you remove the moderate scratches and defects from your car’s paint to reveal the shiny-wet-glossy paint everyone loves to see! Classic Cut is a diminishing abrasive. “What does that mean?” you may ask.. Simply put, the first few passes will be aggressive to the paint.. You’ll eliminate most of the scratches and paint defects from your car’s paint.. BUT, as you keep working Classic Cut, the compound gets finer and finer (meaning not aggressive anymore) and leaves the paint almost ready for some wax!


  • No fillers, silicone free, wax free.
  • Low dusting formula
  • Designed specifically for use with a Dual Action polisher.
  • No harsh chemical solvents used.


Use SLOW passes with medium down pressure for maximum results. The faster your passes the LESS results you will achieve.
Target use is on soft/medium hardness paints with a dual action polisher.
Performs best with Uro-fiber and Microfiber cutting pads.


When using with microfiber pads – prime the pad with an outer and inner circle of product. Rub product thoroughly into pad surface.
Before turning the polisher on – spread product evenly on area to be polished (2ft x 2ft. area is ideal). Set your dual action polisher at speed 5. Using slow arm speed and moderate pressure, perform 2 passes over your target area.

Blow the pad out with compressed air or clean with your pad cleaning tool. Apply 4 dime size dots of product to your pad and cycle the same section but do not use ANY pressure. This allows the backing plate to spin at maximum rotation. Perform 2 passes using this technique.
Wipe surface with clean microfiber towel. Follow with polish of choice, hopefully you choose our Classic Polish or Slick Back.

If using a foam cutting pad, follow the same methods listed above except DO NOT prime the pad with the outer and inner product circle. Prime the pad use 4 dime size dots of product.

Q – When performing my passes, how do I know when the abrasives are
“broken down”?
A – The product will be almost transparent once the abrasives are completely “broken down”.
Q – What’s the best pad to use with Classic Cut?
A – Most paints use microfiber pads (cutting or finishing microfiber pads will both achieve great results depending on the paint type, be adventurous). Softer paints use foam cutting pads.
Q – How does Classic Cut work in direct sun, warm temperatures or humidity?
A – Classic Cut does performs well in sun, warmer temperatures or humidity. The special formulation allows it to cycle without drying out in humid conditions.
Q – Is Classic Cut safe for all clear coats?
A – Yes, Classic Cut is safe to use on ALL paints types and any clear coats.