Colad Aqua Dynamic Masking Tape


Colad Aqua Dynamic Masking Tape is high quality masking tape that is available in 4 different sizes.

Masking tape is handy to have in your detailing arsenal. Colad Aqua Dynamic Masking Tape is the perfect tape for masking trims and rubber before polishing by hand or machine. It can also be used to separate panels.

This masking tape has a heat resistance of up to 130c for 1 hour and it is also waterproof.

Another feature that makes Colad Masking Tape the ideal masking tape for detailing is the fact that it leaves behind no residue once removed from surfaces.

Sizes available:

–         19mm x 50m

–         25mm x 50m

–         38mm x 50m


–         Excellent adhesion both to rubber & metal

–         Tape can be removed easily and without residue

–         Waterproof and heat resistant up to 130c