Klin Korea Drying Duo Medium – 70x45cm


Double layered twist-type microfiber drying towel that is seamed internally, no outer edge. Massively water absorbent. 45x70cm, 18x27inches. Arrives in sealed packaging to eliminate foreign contaminants. Truly a scratch free towel that you hold at each corner and pull across wet surfaces, no need to apply pressure onto the paint. This is the medium sized offering of the FLAGSHIP Drying Duo.

Recommended for:
*Effortless drying
*Waterless / Rinseless wash

USE:Fully open towel and lay it on a freshly washed and contaminant free surface. Pull from one side to the other. Doors, fenders, bumpers and rear hatches benefit from the ‘Matador Technique’.

CARE: Machine wash separately/neutral detergent/warm water/hang dry. NO FABRIC SOFTENER/BLEACH.Always inspect ANY towel before it comes into contact with a surface.

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