Lake Country HDO OSP Microfibre Pad


Lake Country HDO OSP Microfibre Pads are designed for long throw polishers specifically. They offer superb cutting and finishing performance in a single pad.

HDO pads offer more durable and performance enhancing characteristics. The tapered profile increases your options, opening up a wider range of appropriate cutting and polishing techniques (such as slight tilting), as well as improving access in tighter spots while simultaneously creating a safer buffer zone around your backing plate.

The tapered edge prevents pad rolling and provides great pad rotation. These pads are great for curved and contoured panels.

The centre cooling chamber (on full-size HDO Microfibre pads) reduces the risk of overheating, increasing pad durability and improving safety.

Lake Country HDO OSP Microfibre Pads are perfect for detailers that need a pad for any situation – as they cut and finish in one single step.

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