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What is synergy?

Synergy = the interaction of two or more substances to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


We’ve taken the simple method of a applying a detail spray and combined it with the performance of a ceramic infused spray sealant!


What makes Punch-It different from a detail spray?

We’ve taken unique synthetic materials and blended them with silica to make the ultimate detail spray. Punch-it adds protection and creates an extremely hydrophobic, slick, self-cleaning surface which keeps your ride cleaner, longer. Works awesome on all exterior surfaces so there’s no limit to what you can knock out with this product.

How do you use Punch-It?

Shake well. Mist the product onto your microfiber towel and spread the product evenly. Flip the towel and wipe again using medium down pressure and slow arm speed. This method eliminates any streaks. If the surface is hot, proceed the same method.

Product Highlights:

  • Protects surface and boosts performance of existing protection
  • Keeps your vehicle, boat, motor home and much more…CLEANER, LONGER.
  • Leaves surface slick and extremely hydrophobic

 Pro Tips:

  •  For best results use with plush, high GSM microfiber towels. We prefer our Cosmo Plush microfiber towels or our Hyper-Soft microfiber towels. 
  •  Punch-It quickly boosts protection, slickness and hydrophobic properties of all our waxes and sealants.
  • Apply as a drying aid while your vehicle is still wet. Spray on one panel at a time and dry into surface. Finish off with a Throttle detail spray wipe down to even out any streaks.


Q – What is the proper use of Punch-It?
A– Punch-It can be used as a stand alone light protection for any exterior surface OR it can be applied to boost the existing protection of any of our waxes, sealants or ceramic coatings.
Q – Can Punch-It be used on ceramic coated surfaces?
A –  Yes, Punch-It will act like a light version of our Clutch silica spray when applied on top of ceramic coating. It will quickly add slickness and increase the hydrophobic properties of the ceramic coating.
Our most popular question
Q – What is the difference between Punch-It and Throttle detail spray?
AThrottle is simply a detail spray that is compatible with ceramic coatings meaning it won’t alter the unique self-cleaning and hydrophobic abilities of ceramic coatings. Throttle leaves the finish glossy and slick but doesn’t add protection, it’s simply what we call a “finisher”. After you’ve wash & dried your coated vehicle and you want to add some quick gloss and slickness use Throttle.
Punch-It on the other hand adds protection and builds up the surface with ceramic based protection. We like to finish off applying Punch-It with a quick Throttle wipe down to even out any streaks from our Punch-It application.
Q – Why would I use this over regular detail spray?
A – Punch-It adds protection and acts like a spray sealant. It’s MORE hydrophobic, slicker and WILL NOT break down in the summer heat or harsh winter elements. It also doesn’t attract dust which keeps your vehicle cleaner, longer.