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When your trim is extremely faded and beyond reconditioning, you need a product that will actually restore color.

Trim Paint Gray is a water-based paint for your exterior gray trim. This product is not a “quick fix” trim gel or dressing, it is an actual paint designed to work automotive trim. When applied, Trim Paint Gray soaks into the top layer of dead trim and restores its rich color. You will be left with a strong healthy layer of plastic and paint which guarantees you fresh-looking durable results.

If you are tired of looking at your damaged trim and have gotten zero results from other trim products, Trim Paint Gray is the solution.

Shake well. Wear gloves, the product will stain. Make sure trim is free from any residue by wiping with our Throwback paint cleanser. Apply a generous amount of Trim Paint to one of our black applicator pads or applicator of your choice. Make one pass over the surface similar to how you would apply paint to a wall. Do not rub or use circular motions. Your first coat will be dry to the touch within a few minutes and then apply a second coat using the same method. You may apply Trim Shine/Trim Shield immediately after the Trim Paint and use it for maintenance as well. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Lasts about 90-120 days with proper maintenance.

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