Lake Country HDO Pad Microfibre Cutting


A highly effective microfiber cutting pad that can remove medium-heavy defects on an array of paint systems with excellent heat regulation.

The Lake Country Microfiber HDO Cutting pad uses its unique microfiber material to provide industry leading cutting capabilities, whilst also finishing to a high level at the same time. This version of the Lake Country Microfiber Pad features a ventilated centre cooling chamber in the centre of the pad. This disperses unwanted heat from the centre of the pad increasing performance and durability.

These new microfiber pads mat down less quickly which results in reduced pad temperatures and consistent cutting ability. Less spurring between passes allows for less downtime during the polishing process.

These microfiber pads are constructed with thousands of strands of premium microfiber technology. These fibres provide excellent cutting ability as they are actually an abrasive. Lake Country utilise microfiber loops which make the pad more plush and dense. This ensures that the pad makes quick work of heavy swirl marks, sanding scratches, water spots and oxidation.

The new foam interface design also offers superior durability and performance on dual action orbital polishers. The interface is the perfect thickness for balanced and smooth operation. These pads work well in all climates and do not suffer from excess clogging on warmer days.

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